About Us

C4 The Concealed Carry Clothing Company is known for our great quality and unique design!  We strive to produce exclusive products that cannot be found elsewhere.  We have multiple patents pending and test our products for utility and comfort before we release them for sale. 

We are a small business located in St. Louis, MO and specialize in apparel designed to provide comfortable, practical systems for firearm carry, to encourage all people to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights on a daily basis.  

Our systems provide easy ways to carry concealed at work, home, a night out or during workouts, hiking or camping.  Our unique products save you time and effort on deciding how to carry daily, by providing flexible options to carry on- body in every outfit.  Utilizing innovative fabrics and exclusive patent- pending designs, The C4 strives to bring modern firearm carry options to our customers.   We want you to feel safe, because armed people are free people.  

All our products are made in America.